MSLiveBox M4 Mini

130,000.00 108,000.00


Product Specification

Power 12V 5W
Model MSLiveBoxM4-Mini
Function Multiple 3G 4G SIM card Bonding Router
Port 4x PCI-E(3G/4G),3x RJ45,4x SIM Card
LAN 10/100 Mbps
WAN 10/100 Mbps
WIFI 802.11b/g/n 300Mbps
WIFI Frequency 2.4GHz,5.8GHz
LED Display LED Display to Indicate cellular speed
Battery Capacity 9000 MAhm
Working Duration 5 – 6 Hrs
Network protocol TCP/IP
Management Web
Net Weight 2Kg
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number


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MSLiveBox M4-Mini is designed to aggregate 4 x 4G/3G SIM, 1x WAN to created a single robust bonded internet pipeline to do uninterrupted high quality video Live Streaming, transfer of big files including high quality images, data and others. It provides the bonded download and upload internet by combining multiple Internet.

Additional Information

Item Code MSLiveBox M4-Mini
Delivery Time 2 to 3 Weeks
Production Capacity 30


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